A story from our ceo

Flower in Sunlight

Meet Audrey

I wanted to create an organization self-care is a priority as well as having healthy self care products. When I was younger, I always kept myself up to par. Whether if it was just doing the simple hair routine, getting a facial, nails done, or shopping. I was known for keeping it together. But as I got older and life became more real, some of those simple things I once did for myself seemed to drop to the bottom of the priority list, and it was not as important to me anymore. I began to take less care of myself because I did not see the purpose of it as much.  As I became older, and I started learning more about myself I noticed that I was neglecting a lot. So I began taking care of my body more. Physical, mental, and spiritual.


As a single man/woman, father/mother, husband/wife, or maybe even a caregiver, we sometimes get caught up with doing life's duties that we forget we are also important.


Love On You helps you to bring back that motivation to care for yourself. I want to help people by encouraging them with Gods word, and by Loving On Them, and letting them know that it is ok to take time out for yourself, and do fun things, and not feel guilty about it.

1 Corinthians 16:14 "Do Everything In Love"