What is Self Care? Self Care is the practice of taking action to preserve and or improve ones health. It is any activity that we do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

What does self care mean to you?  Identify what things and or activities help you feel at your best. Also identify those things that make you not feel at your best, so that you can work and change those things. Self care is to remind you and others that you are also important. 

Ask Yourself a few questions:

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you taking control of your health?

Is your diet fueling your well being?

Are you doing proactive things to help you stay mentally healthy?

Do you have healthy ways to process your emotions?

Do you incorporate activities into your life that help you feel recharged?

Practicing self care isn’t always easy. Majority of people are crazy busy with their daily schedules. They either have stressful jobs, or they are too consumed with technology to make time for themselves. So usually having some me time is always last on the agenda. We also can sometimes feel guilty about taking the time required to take care of ourselves because we feel like other things are more of a priority. So getting started with self care can be challenging.


Ideas For Practicing Self Care:


Go walk or exercise



Take a bath


Clean/organize your house


Turn Your phone off/Silent

Read a book

Do a DIY project

Learn a new skill

Have quiet time


Pray & Meditate

Talk to a loyal friend

Journal your prayers & thoughts

Write down things you are grateful for

Assess which areas of your life need some more attention and self-care. And re-assess your life often, as your situation changes, your self-care needs are likely to shift too.

Mark 6:31 "Then Jesus said, "Lets go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest for a while."


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